Monday, January 31, 2011

Art Quilt Commission

"But this is only a start. Beyond lies the mystery of time, a new beginning."

Words from a poem written by a dear friend, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday in June.
He has commissioned me to create a wall hanging for him in honor of this milestone in his life.  I accepted and am thrilled.  The poem is just wonderful and I consider it to be the perfect inspiration. He wants to have a small party in conjunction with an art exhibit to celebrate the day.  We laughed when he said that he wants an "unveiling" of the quilt.  It will be a first for me, he's serious! We joked about what type of fabric to cover the quilt and how to "light" it just right. Oh, the drama...I love it!

I would love to post the entire poem, but that would not be appropriate at this time, but he's okay with just one line...

If you have any thoughts on how to make the "unveiling" extra special (or a little kitschy), please let me know! 

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