Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Fall 2005 Quilting Arts Magazine

In your mailbox, or at your local bookstore is where you will find The Three Muses' article in the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine!

One of us is on the cover, one of us wrote an article, and one of us has her quilt featured in the "Judges' Choice" article - in addition, of course to "Musing on a Collaboration," written by Cate Prato, the magazine's feature writer -

Great experience! Thanks, Pokey and Cate for everything you did!!! The Muses are amazed and amuzed.....

Friday, August 05, 2005

"Lions, and tigers, and bears.....and a Fedora!

This is what Henry, the male "daddy" lion looks like at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. Husband, son, and I visited him, his wife, and 5 cubs this week and it was fascinating. He graced his viewing public by sitting right behind the glass partition in the Big Cat outdoor complex, less than 6 inches away from us! It's quite powerful, and scary when Henry decides to have a staring contest with you - he also yawned a few times, so he could show off his pearly whites and tongue! Vilas, the female, was up on a rock, looking down...I wonder what she was thinking..."That Henry, what a show-off he is!" The cubs were separated from them in another area, and were fun to watch also - one had his eye on our son - must've been a female - how do I know? - let's just say that our son is at the age where he's become a "babe magnet."

We also did make it to the drive-in theater! The movie was so-so, but the memories from when I grew up going to drive-ins with my parents, and with friends in high school were coming left and right all evening. No tinny sounding speakers here! You just tuned in 93.1 on your FM radio dial (well, not a dial, but a 'seek button'). It took us awhile to find the theater because we got lost, and it was WAY out in the country - we started humming the theme song from "The Twilight Zone" and saying, "Picture this! The Birch family from Rockford, on a quest to find a drive-in theater, were never heard from again. Were they swallowed up by the big screen, or maybe they never made it to the movie.....

Fedora part of the story: There's a great resale shop on the downtown square in Madison - Ragstock - parents caved, son comes home with a Fedora - he does looks cool wearing it!!!