Sunday, October 29, 2006

I only made one

Fiberart for a Cause!!! Coming soon to Houston - first to Market, then to Festival!!!

For this last hurrah, there are over 2500 postcards that have been created and donated from artists all over the world...60 feet of them...

This time - I only made one. I apologize for the photo-it's not a very sharp image, but it's quite beautiful, if I do say myself. The background is heavy scrapbooking paper (which was completely covered up). I layered three colors of hand-dyed silk roving and then applied some Misty Black Fuse on top. More roving, and more Fuse. A fern charm, and a little stitching. Quilted with green, purple, and blue staples. Edge-stitched of course...

Now, who is going to get this little beauty down in Texas??? Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Artella !!!

What is Artella, you ask? I became a member after seeing Judy Coates Perez's sister, Deb Silva (one of the main muses at Artella) at a PAQA meeting earlier this year. Inspiration galore! Here's a link to their brand-new daily newspaper: The Artella Daily Muse

e-zines - daily "link lattes" ~ free creativity seeds ~ clip art ~ blog ~ shoppes ~ poetry ~ on-line groups (my favorite is "creative bartering") ~ games ~ tele-workshops ~ audio presentations ~ art supplies ~ and so much more...

Membership is only 6.00 per month - click on the first link in my sidebar and be prepared to be amazed ~

I have a couple of pictures from their site - but I guess blogger isn't co-operating today. I'll try later.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Congratulations, Jeffrey!!!

Am I thrilled? You bet!!!

But, alas, I was thinking about dressing up for work tomorrow night as Jeffrey, but I'm not sure I can pull it off - my upper arms don't do sleeveless anymore, and there is the little issue of the tattoos...

I'll have to think about that one!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Tonight at 9 pm. -

By checking out this link to Project Runway, you'll know what happened to Jeffrey: : Project Runway : 7 Days of Finale Countdown

I was angry after last week's episode. I mean, c'mon, Tim Gunn was in Jeffrey's work place, and don't you think HE would have questioned what he saw? He loved everything...

Having 2 months to create, and having a few hours can make a big difference. Jeffrey - maybe he works better without so much pressure! Don't we all? Glamourous Laura, I see a difference in your work, too.

Since we last checked in

What I've been playing with - mixed fiber wrapped beads - hmmm, they're shiny, too - considering writing about the process...

I know I've been "out of the loop" lately. I took a vacation from Quiltart. I haven't been reading others' blogs (shame on me). When the deadlines came for Artscene, I felt like the PR designers. S - - - happened in the form of having my purse stolen out of my car a few days before Virginia and I's installation day at the gallery, so that put me behind.
I'm learning how to breathe again, and I'm feeling a quilt coming, I promise to keep up with posts, and check out what all of you are working on!

Rite of Confirmation

Jason's confirmation day at Emmanuel! Proud mother, father, and grandmother! I made a quilt for him, but it is hanging at the gallery, and I haven't taken any pictures yet. Soon...

Welcome, dear little one

This is Bronwyn Skye, our family's newest member. She came to visit last weekend all the way from Minnesota - with parents- my nephew Bradley and wonderful wife, Rebecca.

Human/Nature Exhibit - Julaine Lofquist-Birch and Virginia A. Spiegel

"The Creative Spirit" - dyed, painted, oil paintsticks, vintage nude image on silk organza; on stretcher bars, 28x34 inches. This is one of my pieces for Artscene, and is hanging at the Church Street Gallery in Rockford. Since it is hanging up higher than I could reach, the photo is not great, but it looks wonderful in person!

Three of Virginia Spiegel's "Geometry of Bees" series - beautiful!

Virginia and I at our opening...