Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Back in the Studio?

It's discipline. It's working through life's little annoyances. Some days it's Facebook. It's S.A.D.S...
How many times have you heard this from me? 

Well it's now April, and this week I have finally finished some crocheted purses that I've been working on all winter.  To help the calm, I would cut strips of different fabrics, tie them together, then crochet them into this interesting shape for the purses.  As listed on my Etsy site, these are not your grandmother's crocheted bags!

I dug into fabrics in the basement, my closet for "never to be worn again, too small or too big" clothes that I've made over the years that are still pretty cool, and some that I got at the store.  I've even hit the resale shops for old purses and belts that I could upcycle.

I must have 12 that are crocheted and are waiting for linings and handles.  In the past 4 days I have finished 6 of them.  All photographed, except the black one that refused to show up well in the shots.  Anyone have any ideas what might work? All I manage to get is a black blob with no detail of the stitches. Detail shots are fine...     
Here's a few of them!