Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jason and his artwork

I just finished a quilt for my grand-nephew, which was commissioned by his parents, so as soon as I get some photos after it has been hung, I'll share them with you. It's been quite awhile...it's been a challenging few months. Until I get going with my blog again, I'll show you what our son has been up to!

This past October for Rockford's Fall Artscene, he sold his first piece - it was a small collage called "Blue Monday" and had one of his great stencils on it of Kurt Vonnegut. Here's what's new (and a few things I found in one of his photo folders:

Sticker art - Jason's graffiti alphabet.

The "Seamster" - I gave him my old sewing machine and showed him how to make fleece socks.

The Nordic Batman - summer goofing around.

Painted Polaroid print of Jason and a few of his spray colors. Since he's 17 now, he can purchase spray paint without our consent.

His newest piece with 4 layers of stencils - titled "I Was a Teenage Feminist."

Collage - a stencil of Max (from the film "Pi") and an image from "Jurassic Park."

Bobby Darin with a side of Woody Allen.