Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Anniversary

"Ancient Flames ~ New Flames" is now hanging in the sanctuary.

"The Stars Project" - 125 stars with names of the ancestors written on them. Accent stars created by the artists in the church. Suspended by 2 floral rings, each is attached by monofilament line.

A detail photo of the stars taken from the bottom, looking up.

One of my accent stars, with a small postcard of Emmanuel from the early 1950's attached to it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Last Stitch

I'm getting ready to sew the last stitch on the binding. Although I usually dred this step, it always brings me to reflection. The whole process, the time, the late nights. But it's really about the art itself and who it's for. This time around, it's all about the community at Emmanuel. The banner is for all of us. The title finally came to me while I was writing an artist's statement for the church bulletin:
"Ancient Flames ~ New Flames"

May everyone who sees it be moved, be thrilled, be
inspired to continue in the mission.

It will be presented this Sunday, July 22nd at our celebration worship service. It will be carried in the procession, and placed on a banner pole. I will post some pictures after Sunday...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Almost Finished

For the 24 words and phrases that represent who we are at Emmanuel, I printed them on dupioni silk fused with Wonder Under, and painted them with red Setasilk paint. After heat-setting the paint, I removed the release paper from the back and fused them onto the deep red dyed cotton. Rotary cut them into narrow strips, then I attached them only at the top with a small gold heart bead. I had planned to fuse them completely on the surface, but after I pinned a few of them down, I noticed that they looked beautiful, just waving like ribbons.

I've sewn 30 cross charms on - these are to remind us that we are "little christs" (martin luther said)

Still have to bind and back the banner. The sleeve is cut out ~ but I discovered I don't have enough black kona to make the binding with unless I want to piece them (no, thank you...)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


All 125 flames are now appliqued ~

All have stitched inner flames, or smaller appliqued flames inside ~

The three panels are sewn together ~

I've found the fabric I like for the backing ~

The binding will be the same kona black ~

I'm now embellishing each flame with beads ~ the silk organza images and the Luther Seal will be attached with tiny seed beads ~

24 words and phrases will be added ~

What shall the title be? ~