Thursday, November 24, 2005

When last we checked in...

My studio looked like this ~ Posted by Picasa
Now it looks like this! Now I can finally get those quilts going...for the"Why is the Sky Blue" challenge, finish the next "How Beautiful are the Feet" piece for Kelly the podiatrist, and then there's maybe something for IQF-Chicago. Oh, the things I found...Oh the pins I stepped on...Lesson learned here, Julaine? Oh, I hope so...

I discovered the floor. I found the spot where the hot iron fell, and fried the carpet. My studio is only 8'x10' - so I had to move the "haven't been touched for a year" stash downstairs to the basement, and I had 6 full trash bags of junk to throw away, including (gasp) fabric!!!

As much as I was dreading the cleanup, I does feel great now that it's done. And now since it's officially Thanksgiving, my new and improved studio is just one of many things that I'm thankful for..... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Latest Photo Shoot

I have been getting the "nudge" to package my dyed and carded silk roving, so here goes...
The first pic shows the packages in which I have put 3 colors in each one - each "clump" of color is 12" of roving that I have brushed out, and is ready to be used...
Colors here: yellows, gold, oranges, fushsia, red, wine, lime, avocado, forest green, grey-toned blue (sorry, but I hate the name "country blue," sapphire, periwinkle, purples, bronze...
I've added a few things that I have made with the silk paper - a quilted, embellished amulet bag, a blue leafy thing, "cocoon"
beads, class sample that has been stamped, and my newest framed piece: novelty metallic animal print behind a mat, with a glorious burnt gold silk paper piece and fern charm mounted on top of it..... Posted by Picasa

should I be
creative with
this silk, or
just take it to
bed with me,
and cuddle up
to it?... Posted by Picasa
of bag...
blue, and
bronze ~
oh my, how
did that
label get in
this shot !!!

Friday, November 04, 2005

bowl of silk with a side order of bead soup... Posted by Picasa

silk paper bowl... Posted by Picasa

Something new made from silk paper ~

Oh, my!!! I really needed to create something tonight ~ I've been teaching silk paper making, and even as instructor, I must grow, and reach beyond the processes that I expect of my students. The silk bowl is beautiful, but very lightweight. I could spray it with some sort of sealer, but I prefer to leave it as is, because I wouldn't want to put anything inside of it anyway.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Autumn color ~

Nothing political here, just our beautiful burning bush ~we think about 58 years old~we just can't bring ourselves to doing a major trim on it~the birds love their moon-shaped feeder hanging from it. Yes, it's knarled and wild, but hey, so are we..... Posted by Picasa