Sunday, February 17, 2013

A New Quilt in Honor of a Little Boy

I have been given an incredible gift! It's challenging, because it's been quite awhile since I've worked on anything that is representational and that I've had to reach deep down inside my soul to create a piece. In the past, I have used serious medical conditions of my own and others, political rants, and an occasional commission that has rocked my artful world...

The Rockford Area Arts Council, htttps/,
along with Rockford College,
and the Rockford School District 205, invited local artists to donate a piece of art for a silent auction coming up on March 16th. The artwork and all funds from the winning bids will be gifted to the Newtown, Connetticut School District. Hanging alongside the professional artwork at the auction will be pieces created by local students, and the names of the 26 victims. 

As one of the invited artists, I could donate one of my finished quilts, but that's TOO easy. Who knows, maybe since that credit card commercial where the woman climbs to the top of that peak, and you hear the lyrics, "Somebody left the gate open..." struck me (okay, slapped me in the face), I've been furiously journaling! Didn't know why, but this feels right - hmmm...the commercial and the journaling started about a week before the invitation came.

I have been given the name of one of the little boys who was murdered. I have watched videos with his parents talking about him, one of which his mother talks about a dream in which their dear, sweet son comes to her, telling her it's okay. They have set up a fund in his name to help build a new community center in Newtown.

The art quilt that I'm working on will have a large "fractured"sun appliqued on it. The sun has 26 fabric strips in it, and 26 wild rays streaming from it. I've decided this time to cut the background for the sky into 7 pieces, and quilt them individually, then hand stitch them together. I've been asking friends to give me a word that comes to mind when they think about what makes a community work together. MORE WORDS NEEDED!!!

Jotted down in my journal: the colors green and white, the numbers 7 and 26, the little fish in the movie "Nemo," community. healing.