Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's been too long

Geesh! I don't know if I've ever gone this long without posting before - I haven't been in the studio alot this past month...

Self-imposed break from artistic endeavors? Switching gears, maybe. Actually, I've been in a funk. Don't know why.

We have another art exhibit coming up at Emmanuel soon and I wanted to have a new piece for it, so I've been working on this 18x18 inch quilt. I was inspired by work I saw at IQF-Chicago by Deidre Adams who stitches, then paints the surface of her quilts. I used wool batting for the first time (a sample from Hobbs), and while I'm not used to the puffy look, it quilted beautifully. It will be interesting seeing how the paint works out. I've done a few smaller pieces and was pleased with the results - great texture...

Next Friday night, we're hosting a "Ladies' Lock-In to Creativity" at Emmanuel and we're going to be creating small collages done on 5x5" canvasses. Jo-Ann's has these and they're in the 1.00 value bins, you just have to cover up the farm images pre-printed on them.

Lifestyle update: Still going strong, walking almost every day. Jeff's lost 26 pounds. I've lost 20. Favorite foods so far on the program: home made hummus, black bean salad, grilled tofu.