Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colorful Balls of Felt to Lift Those Gray Sky Blues Away

I just can't say it without laughing! While at best friend Bobbie's today getting ready to show her how to make a nuno felted scarf, I pulled these out of my pocket. Perfect timing it was, because of a conversation that a goofy trio (Bobbie, her hubby Lenny and myself) were having. So here they are, now cut in half to show the colorful insides...

(Okay, if you watch Project Runway, Tim Gunn once said that he "preferred the wooley ones.")
I need to stop now. It's too late in the day for falling off one's chair.

 Aren't they fun? It's been so gray and dreary here for so long - the bright colors are good for the soul! I also needed a little distraction from the "hands" series, plus it does give me inspiration for next week - I have a few days off in a row from the store and plans are to make some pre-felts from roving...and maybe make a huge batch of these!

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