Friday, February 04, 2011

Paper and Color - The Hands and Hearts Series

We were given a gift, Jeff and I...with yesterday's blizzard keeping us in the house, there were so many things (chores) that we could've engaged in, but we talked and talked.

The sun was shining, the wind had calmed down, and we decided to clear the driveway of the too many inches of snow.  With that done, we headed into the house. Had a nice lunch together, watched a great movie.  A nice day. It was also the day I had been waiting for to play in the studio and make a mess.  Mission accomplished!

I first grabbed a piece of some old onion paper, and just started gluing down scraps of whatever was in one of my bins of "this looks interesting" stuff.  Alcohol inks dripped on.  Gold and copper stamp pads pressed in - one does not always need to use them with stamps.  Tomorrow after work, I plan on using my hand carved "heart in hand" stamp to add to this starter piece and see where it takes me.  

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