Monday, July 18, 2005

Ruanas -

Ruanas (roo-ah-nas) are loose fitting overgarments and can be worn over any top and a skirt, pants, or leggings. Made with two yards of rayon or silk, I dye/discharge/paint the cloth and then sew them up! I've been creating these for three years now, and I guess I have made about 75 of them.

I'm thinking that maybe 75 is enough - that I need to move on, and start designing something else. The problem, now, is that since ponchos have been popular, my ruanas continue to be popular!

They are beautiful, and do look great on everyone - once a man purchased one and when I asked if it was a gift for a special woman in his life, he said, "No - I play guitar in a band, and it's just what I need to look cool -"

Maybe I just need to experiment with other surface design techniques on them.


jenclair said...

The ruanas are beautiful, and I can see why they remain popular!

About the logo, I'm afraid I have no answer, but bet Diane would know. Obviously, changing the format must have had something to do with it... which means I shouldn't attempt any changes on mine given the difficulty in getting the logo in the first place. :0

I really like the ruanas and would love to see more.

arlee said...

I have a couple of ruanas too, wore them a lot in a medieaval society i belonged too--awesome for any form of embellishment, fabric treatment!

Debra said...

Your ruanas are gorgeous... but I have to disagree with you. On me, they look like I'm wearing a sack. (no shoulders, large breasts, short.), I think it's the no shoulders thing.