Sunday, March 03, 2013

On the Mannequin - Wild Fibers Wrap

There's a new date for the silent art auction that I'm participating in, so I'm now pacing myself in the completion of the quilt that will be donated...

The focus I needed for the project is there. It hit me like the brick, probably because I'm one of those people who HATE guns and war. It's because I'm a mom. It's because I've watched videos of the parents of the little boy whose name I have been given. Maybe it's a blessing that I have more time to complete the piece. It was hard to focus on anything else important. I've dug out the crochet hooks and a lot of wild fibers...and learned how to do a granny square.

Here are some photos of the "wild fibers wrap" so far...I was going to stitch the squares together. Nah. Buttons? Maybe, but then I remembered the wooden rings I had stashed away. one of the detail photos, you can see one of them (covered in silk roving). 

Some of the wild fibers - some dupioni silk and panne velvet, cut into 1/2 inch strips...

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