Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Skirts

I think I had worn each of the two skirts once or twice. Loved the fabrics, just not sewn into skirts, I guess.

I needed to wait at the store after work last week for a few minutes, so I decided to sit at the pattern table and browse - Buttericks' were 1.99.  I found this funky sling bag pattern that I liked and though I'd get it and probably end up stashing it at home in the file of multiple others that I never opened.

This one really intrigued me...maybe it was because it looked like it would be a challenge.  After seeing that it took 7/8 of a yard, I thought, hmmm, let's dig through the closet...I must have something there! One of the skirts was made out of a gold patterned cotton print with a border, and the other was made from this beautiful olive green embroidered cotton print. (side story on this print: everytime I had recovered fabric at the store, I kept watching it to catch a sale, as I didn't want to pay 24.99/yd. I think I ended up using a coupon).  The two fabrics looked great together and very summery. Now, would I end up having enough fabric, especially since I needed 3 1/2 yards of bias tape?

 Here are the two fabrics sewn together, center piece and sides. I quilted the center fabric with some french knots and some curvy topstitching lines.
 There wasn't a pocket in the pattern, but I added one, using part of an old eyelet tablecloth that I had dyed. You can see the cotton I found in my stash for the lining.
 It took a lot of piecing, but I was able to make the yardage needed for the bias tape from the border and from the gold fabric.
 Even had an old metal zipper that was the perfect size.
 And here it is - I like it, and have already had quite a few compliments. THAT always makes a girl feel good!
Add upcycling to my list. The decontructionist artist is on the prowl. Jeff is off this afternoon, and we'll hit the Goodwill store later today.

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Now THAT is one fabulous purse! Good detail photos, too.