Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Art Cloth: First Process

I'm working on a few pieces for Rockford's Spring Artscene that is coming up mid-April. Emmanuel's Celebration Gallery is once again hosting an exhibit. According to the Rockford Area Arts Council, there will be 41 galleries participating this year! The theme of our exhibit is "Sacred Seeds: Emergence" and we'll have about 15 artists represented. Along with the art, we always have the best food, live music and this year, artists will be demoing.

This is a piece of art cloth that started out as black cotton sateen. I've just finished discharging it in 3 steps. I wanted to see what I could bring to the piece by first scrunching the cloth and painting on Soft Scrub with a brush. 2nd step - masking off areas to represent a bit of nature shooting out of the ground. 3rd step - using a very fine tip from a plastic bottle, I squirted curvy lines to represent growth; finished with lots of tiny droplets. I'm keeping an eye on it, hoping what I've done with the 3rd step will discharge to an off-white before I rinse and de-chlor.

My plans at this point are to add some color with oil pastels, then we'll see how it looks. I want to hang this piece as art cloth, but am unsure of how to hang it properly so it lays nicely. Any thoughts?

Update: the wise ones from Quiltart have given me lots of wonderful ideas - thanks everyone!

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Susan Lenz said...

I'm writing from the University of Minnesota's computer lab. I'm here on a full scholarship for the Split Rock Arts Program studying art quilts for a week. You are not going to believe what happened just yesterday! One of my fellow classmates mentioned her church, its outstanding gallery, and a friend....with your name! My classmate is Ruth Ann! I wish you could be here with us! It's a great but small world!