Monday, October 08, 2007

Scenes from Artscene part 2 - the solo exhibit

First, the food...Kiki and staff of Movable Feast put on a feast. Oh, and there was the wine tasting also. I was happy.

Part of the exhibit, a sort of tribal wall. One of my multiple surface design ruanas draped on a birch tree branch (my walking stick now leads a double life). To the right is a small quilt called "Bursting with News" -
Up in the right hand corner is my "Bella Luna" piece (see a previous post for a closeup). What's off to the right of the display is a very unique coat rack that resembles a tree.

My shirt is one that doesn't get out in public very often. It's the Kenenbi top pattern from Sewing Workshop. I had altered the neckline a little. Talk about purple galore...brocades, dupioni, printed border fabric from Bali.

I realize that this isn't much to show you. Neither of my men were able to be there (work and theater committments), so I didn't have any one to take pictures. When I go to visit my art there, I'll take a few more shots, okay?

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Cynthia St Charles said...

Hi Julaine, Thanks for your comments on my blog regarding a hanging system. Several people recommended the Walker system and I have been researching it. I am curious about the hanging system used in the ArtScene 2 show. It looks like the walking stick is suspended in the air. Is it hanging from fishing line? Thanks again for the feedback. Cynthia St Charles