Monday, May 29, 2006

New quilt started

Well, I didn't know how old that dye was...but I thought it was worth a try! A little of this, a little of that, and lots of white areas left on white cotton. Hmmm...time to add some color with D'uva chromacoal sticks and some Camellia oil pastels.

It's working title is "Confetti Garden" and I've marked out 13 sections (love that Clover chalk marker with it's fine line) to quilt. Free-motion in 3 styles for added interest to be done yet.

With my first outdoor art fair coming up, I am thankful for the creative frenzies that I am giving into right now. If I'm ignoring or avoiding some other things, then so be it...I am still working with the children at church, keeping up with my son and all his activities, and being the loving, adorable wife to my darling hubby.

Oh, great!!! Son telling me right now he needs posterboard for a project due tomorrow on Andrew Jackson - ah, geez, school is out this week - did the teacher forget 'till now about this important assignment? Gimme a break!

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