Thursday, April 05, 2007


How many tote bags does one fiber artist need?

I have made many - and still use most of them.

Needed (wanted) a new one to take to Chicago next week for the festival, so I thought I would use this Alexander Henry print (found on the big cotton wall at the store). It's called "omodaka" and it's perfect for embroidering...loosely stitching by the lines of the gold bursts on it, I used 9 colors of DMC floss and am almost ready to sew it together. But wait...what shall I do with the back? I really don't want to leave it plain, even though it is really neat fabric. Quilt it?

Virtual Studios for Make It University™ with Cloth Paper Scissors®
at IQF: I will be showing a technique that's related to my article in CPS coming out next month. The times for my "studio" ??? Friday, April 13 at 10 & 11 am.; 1 & 2 pm., and Saturday, April 14 at 10 & 11 am; 1 pm. Be sure to stop by! Here's a list of the incredible artists that will be there too: Pokey Bolton, Judy Coates Perez, Deb Silva, Virginia Spiegel, Cheryl Prater, Debbi Crane, Kelli Perkins, and Lesley Riley. Think surface design - embellishment - mixed's going to be a blast ~


Sue B said...

No such thing as having too many tote bags! Love what you did with this fabric. It's going to look great as a bag.

Cheryl Prater said...

hhhmmmmmm. Who is this Cheryl Prater character? Sounds kinda shifty.

PaMdora said...

I have a tote-bag-luggage fetish. Can't get enough, and they're everywhere. I think it's genetic because my dad does the same thing :)
Love the embroidery, but just looking at it made my fingers ache....

Cheryl Prater said...

Um, could you maybe mention in the allegedly coerced link blurb that I was the CPS COVER GIRL for Jan/Feb issue? A little thing called Sixtyopoly? Maybe you heard of it? Hellooooooo?

I'm clinging to my fast-fleeting fame. Humor me.