Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back from Festival

Here we have the lovely Cheryl Prater of Prater Poste and equally stunning Debbi Crane of Paper Doll Post who along with me were sharing an area for the Virtual Studios gig for Cloth Paper Scissors® at MIU! - I simply must do this again, as it was a wonderful experience and feeling like a celebrity does the soul good once in awhile...

I didn't get a photo of Virginia Spiegel. Darn.

Ready for the Friday Night Sampler! I had prepared five step-outs to demonstrate how to make my funky wrist pin cushions to lots of enthusiastic quilters. My helper chick, Becky (aka Vanna White) did a fantastic job of keeping the biz end moving along (see photo below of her).

She had artfully arranged everything on the table - looks good!

And here she is...we got a bit goofy after I paid her for services rendered...it's not what you might be thinking, lol.

What to do in your hotel room when it comes time to make your favorite guacamole, and you can't find the knife you packed?

You reach for a pair of scissors, of course. I wonder what people who don't sew do in this situation?

Side note on the pin cushions for all of you who have been interested in slapping one of these on your own wrist or the wrist of a loved one. I came home with some pretty ones and will be listing them on my gallery blog later today. A huge thanks goes to Pam who writes Pin Cushion Genius! : PaMdora’s Box
If you're listening, Pam - watch your mailbox...


Cheryl Prater said...

Hey! Email me that picture!!!! I will try to photoshop Debbi out of it.

Keep your eyes peeled b/c I will post the tile I made with an image from the FAO Schwarz catalog you gifted me. It was super-fun, wasn't it? xoxo cheryl

PaMdora said...

ha ha, I was wondering if you'd see that post! I really do love it!