Saturday, April 07, 2007

On the MIU faculty (beware)

First, Cheryl Prater makes me add her blog to my links (all right, actually she added mine to hers first, so I was obligated)...

NOW she wants me to mention that she was the cover girl for Cloth, Paper, Scissors in the January/February issue with her "Sixtopoly" article (very cool, btw) ~

I don't know what happened when I added the extra words after Prater Poste
but everything went goofy on me. Does anyone out there have the html letters/code for "centering" stuff?

I'm going to offer her a challenge (evil laugh coming out of my mouth)
...I'll let you know how she responds...

UPDATE: Cheryl sent me an "MIU or Bust" bumper sticker to put on my very own luggage (art shop on wheels)

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