Monday, February 05, 2007

Tyvek, Anyone?

What to do on a Sunday afternoon when you're not a football fan, and it's freezing cold outside - find a large box filled with scraps from projects '06, have a garbage bag nearby, close your eyes and start pitching some of the scraps (okay, most of the scraps), also have an empty bin nearby to place neatly (???) folded and separated fabrics...
~ooh, I forgot about that piece - where shall I put that?
~wow, this 4x4 square is the only piece I have left of that one (save it for I don't know)
~healthy fused scraps for my students (and me)
~lots of ugly dyed pieces for pressing cloths
~what was I thinking pieces
~pathetic prints to overdye or paint
~how did that Little Debbie Nutty Bar wrapper get in there?

Tyvek, anyone? I have never quite warmed up to this is a shot of one bin of folded and separated fabric with some Tyvek and a small piece of Angelina on the top (sorry, don't like that stuff either). If you would like it, be the first one to comment on this post, and I'll send it to you! It's not a lot, just a few pieces, a couple of them are maybe 10x12...

All that organizing made me hungry for playtime: these are some notecards that I made. Easy! I used some fused scraps of my hand dyes and ironed them on the front of the cards~stamped and embossed images from greeting cards and from an old calendar~put some double-sided craft tape on the backs of the images, and laid them on top of the fused cotton.


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I would love to try the tyvek and Angelina.

LoieJ said...

Looks like a fun way to combine the paper crafts with the fabric. I have a few bags of scraps with fusing on them too, which I've been using for fabric postcards, but it sure doesn't make a dent in the stash.