Thursday, February 08, 2007

Let there be light!

Oh my...I re-discovered more light in my studio! It was completely covered up by a tall shelving unit which now has been emptied, and all contents are on the floor. But, there's light...

What I also found behind: In 2000, I had to have a hysterectomy because of severe endometriosis. Grieving a bit for different reasons, I wrote a poem that my surgeon's nurse read as the surgery was ending ~

"I was the gift, the fruit that as a seed grew and was nourished by my mother's womb. My son is a gift also, a gift of my womb as fruit to the whole world. I am remembering my mother today, wishing she were here - to help me prepare for what is to come and to learn that even this rite of passage is a cause for celebration. Her spirit is a gentle presence in my life always ~
Blessings to all of you here today, especially to Dr. Moore who delivered
my beautiful son, and who now is providing me the chance to heal by
delivering the womb which has been wounded and full of pain. O Source
of Creation, as the blood now stops flowing from my body, show me that
my creativity will continue and that other gifts will flow out of me instead.
My womb - as a maiden, mother and now crone, I bless you." 11.2.2000
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Sonji Hunt said...

I'm glad you have new light! Also, your grieving poem is heartwarming. I am also a grieving poem writer, then I stick them someplace, like a book or behind a frame. When I found some I burned them, along with a remembrance book of another sad loss. I felt better.

Karoda said...

Whew! Your poem choked me up with its beauty.