Thursday, February 01, 2007

The latest

Oh, boy! Now, I'm not complaining, but just when I thought it was safe to go into my studio and clean...

My article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors has been sent, and the artwork has been shipped ~

And...I should have started the cleaning before I read my e-mail the other evening ~

The proposal I sent off to Houston for a demo at the Chicago Festival's "Friday Night Sampler" was accepted, and of course, my mind started racing again (if only my flab moved so fast). I'm working today on the hand-out, and photographing some finished projects, so I can e-mail them to Houston.
On the PAQA yahoo list, Maggie Weiss and Wendy Butler Berns posted the request looking for members to submit an idea for the Sampler nights. Foot in the door, maybe? Instead of foot in mouth...

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Lark Books about submitting a beaded quilt for a new book coming out ~

Can she do it all? I love working with the children at church, and exciting things are happening for our congregation. My part-time gig at the local Jo-Ann's is good. The spring teaching season is coming soon. HOW DO YOU HANDLE EVERYTHING, AND STILL MANAGE TO FIND STUDIO TIME? SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME!
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Sonji Hunt said...

YES, you CAN do it ALL. Grab those opportunities when the come. Even if it seems like they are all at once. YOU CAN DO IT! I don't want to read boo-hooing when nothing is presenting itself to you (whenver that occurs, probably NEVER) and you have to make your own opportunities. MORE POWER TO YOU!