Friday, May 19, 2006

Ready for bundles!

This has been a wonderful process. I discovered design elements on printed fabrics that I had not noticed before. Many prints can be jazzed up a little. I know I described some of the cutting of the fabrics as fussy, but now I'm using the word carefully.

I know the cat is out of the bag, sort of, now that I've included a photo of each element! Shhh-don't tell, okay? For anyone who receives a bundle, under each layer is supposed to be a surprise, a mystery - bringing back that feeling of wonder that a child has. Joyful All things that we, as artists who work in this incredible medium get to experience.

So, what's in the bundles? There's rice paper that has been backed with interfacing~monoprinted leaves from hand-carved stamps~printed cotton with fusible on the back~cotton batik accented with Lumiere, and then cut into oak leaf shapes~hand dyed silk with free-form leaf shapes drawn with pastels~rubbings with stamps and Shiva oil paintsticks on cotton~hand made paper~embossed copper strips~tied together with dyed cotton floss, with a leaf bead added.

UPDATE: They are available on my "Julaine's Art for Purchase" blog - 12.00 - how's that sound?

Julaine's Art


marion said...

oh, these are *fun*! I'm sure everyone who gets one, will love it!

Micki said...

What a cool idea. Anyone will love getting one of these.

arlee said...

Stunning idea and presentation! I'd love to be a receiver too. FaBU!

Lois Jarvis said...

Still no side bar :(