Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Memory of Trees

"The Druids believed that trees held on to the memories of people that passed by them"

I think I read this somewhere in connection with my Enya CD titled "The Memory of Trees" - either on the jacket, or the songbook.

This is the beginning of small format, 5 x 7 inch pieces that I'm finally getting around to working on. I wanted the background fabric to have some texture of it's own, so I used a multi-blue woven rayon/linen blend suiting (sorry, the pic's a bit greenish). And then what to use for the tree trunks and branches?- well, I had this UGLY silk/poly tie that was perfect (it's copper, after all). Each tree had to be a little different, so I played around with shapes, fussy-cutting all the way...my favorite so far is the one in the bottom right hand corner!

I discovered this great, firm interfacing: Ultra Firm, made by HTCW...the "trees" are backed with this, with a layer of Stitch Witchery in between - boy does it make the stitching easy!!!
Plans are to probably mount them, and frame them...check back as they evolve ~

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Micki said...

I find your work very interesting and inspiring. Will look forward to seeing this completed.