Monday, May 12, 2008

These shoes are made for walkin'

I have to admit that these are my first pair of walkin' shoes...let me start at the beginning, okay?

A couple of months ago, Jeff started a lifestyle program called the Coronary Health Improvement Project
that is geared toward helping you change your eating habits and get you moving, so you can drop some weight and hopefully alter the amount of cholesterol, hypertension and type 2 diabetes meds that you are taking. Some participants have even gone completely off these meds.

Since he started on the program, he's lost 15 pounds and will be presenting his graduation papers with exciting new lipid, glucose and b/p readings to his doctor this week. We're hoping that the doc will be happy AND encouraging for once. If not, we'll be shopping for a new physician.

I, too, went on the program without going to the classes, and have lost 12 pounds. Finding clothes that I haven't worn in awhile (or never) feels good. It's also funny to watch people's facial expressions when they see you, but can't quite figure out what's changed about you. I just let them wonder, unless they ask...

Jason is embracing these changes too - he understands that what he eats at home is what we're eating. He can choose to eat other stuff when he's with his friends, but even this long-legged dancing machine noticed that he feels better and stronger when he's with the program. He started running a couple of weeks ago, and is getting ready for an audition with the Rockford Dance Company.

Those endorphins do come out of hiding, believe it or not, so if I don't go out walking every day now, I feel it. I haven't joined the early morning crowd yet, so I usually go out late in the afternoon, or in the early evening.

What you eat: lots of veggies and fruit, lots of beans, lots of whole grain products. The program recommends no meat, but we're doing the carnivore thing once or twice a week with fish, chicken, or turkey - no red meat at all. It's amazing how we're not missing or craving it. I've also stopped eating most chocolate because I realized that it was making me irritable, and it takes 3 days to get it out of my system. I do still make my home-made iced mochas with Nestle's chocolate syrup (no added corn syrup) and french roast coffee, however I have been cutting back on those, too...

Now, finally, for the shoes: I've have Chuck Taylor tennies and Ked's basic tennies, but never a pair of honest to goodness athletic shoes. My heels were starting to bother me, so my men gave me these shoes for Mother's Day. I'll be trying them out later today, after finishing the Trinity Banner.


LoieJ said...

I really really need to do somehting like this. I've been in the pits lately and I think the endorphin part sounds the best. Unfortunately it is raining today. I'll probably forget tomorrow.

BTW, on Mozilla, it said to listen and type the secret characters for word verificaton. Strange. I switched to IE to make this comment.

Anonymous said...

Good for you, sounds great!