Sunday, May 04, 2008

Elements of the Banner

The new banner that I am creating is for Trinity Sunday, May 18th.

The background is a brocade home dec fabric and all the appliques are silk dupioni. I am doing something different this time as far as the appliqueing goes. To start with, I did all the quilting on the 30x45 inch banner first. For the elements, I wanted to add more dimension, so I appliqued them onto batting with muslin underneath, basically stitching them separate from the base of the banner. When I finished doing the stitching, I put some fusing on the back, and then carefully cut around the edges leaving some of the batting showing. This made the appliques "pop" out very nicely, and on some of the elements, like a dove and the hand, I'll be embroidering design lines on them. The other elements are 9 purple crosses. I know where everything is going, but I'm still working out how I'll secure them to the banner after I fuse them down...

There will also be words: "In the Name of the Creator - In the Name of the Redeemer - In the Name of the Holy Spirit."

After chatting with art-friend Bobbie today, I have realized now that the copper silk for the hand is a bit dark, so I have since painted it with gold Lumiere paint, but left the copper threads along the edges alone.

I'll keep you posted as the deadline approaches...

Note: I tried the bamboo/cotton batting for the first time on this project, and I like it. When doing any hand stitching, it doesn't beard as much as other all cotton batting.

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