Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Visiting an Old Friend

This is the "Estrogen Patch" quilt that I made 5 years ago when I was still a newbie. At the bottom are actual estrogen patches sewn on and along the top third of the piece are words related to HRT at the time: 'breasts beware' - hot flash finis - beautiful bones - mellow moods - ??? - healthy heart? - sublime sleep.
Pokey, do you remember this one?

The quilt is in Lois' (nurse practitioner) at my gyne's office. When I showed it to her back then, she arranged to have me meet the drug rep from the company who made the patches (my brand). The drug rep fell in love with it, had her company purchase it, and then they donated it back to my Dr.'s office. It still hangs in Lois' office.

I didn't just go to visit my quilt. I had an appointment with the doctor. This past Monday, I had a mammogram and an ultrasound because of some "nip fluid." We have a breast health center here in Rockford that tells you what's up before you leave. Nice.
The doctor took some swabs and put me on an antibiotic because he thinks it's just an infection. If not cleared up in 7 days, I'll have to see a surgeon. I think he's being over-cautious, but how do you tell your physician that?

June 13th update: I found out yesterday that I have a staph infection (ok-I can deal with that)in my breast, but no cancer cells (I am so happy...). The antibiotic that I was on is resistant to staph, so I'm now on another med that will take care of it...

Another solo exhibit coming up for me: Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Rockford
dates: Sunday, August 17th through Sunday, August 24th with a reception on Wednesday, August 20th (time tba). I do have many small works ready for this and I'll be doing a few more in between times of banner creating.


LoieJ said...

You do have to be cautious and the doctor may be over cautious, or as my doc calls it "radiologist retirement fund." But better to catch something early.

What is really the pits is when you have some kind of check up or xray for one thing and they see "something" that doesn't fit with the symptoms, so you end up having many CAT scans to see if it is growing. So far "it" hasn't. And "it" is in a place where a biopsy isn't possible.

Joy Ely said...

That's one of the coolest/craziest projects I think I've ever seen.

I'm in awe at some of the incredible ideas out there. It's really helping me think a lot farther outside the box.

Praying it's just an infection.