Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Since we last checked in

What I've been playing with - mixed fiber wrapped beads - hmmm, they're shiny, too - considering writing about the process...

I know I've been "out of the loop" lately. I took a vacation from Quiltart. I haven't been reading others' blogs (shame on me). When the deadlines came for Artscene, I felt like the PR designers. S - - - happened in the form of having my purse stolen out of my car a few days before Virginia and I's installation day at the gallery, so that put me behind.
I'm learning how to breathe again, and I'm feeling a quilt coming, I promise to keep up with posts, and check out what all of you are working on!


Karoda said...

love these beads! and good to see some posts :)

Shelley G. said...

How did you get the metallic background, is it a stamp of a bead or something? Or, is it thread stitches? Hard to figure out. If it is paint, what kind did you use?

thanks so much,