Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Artella !!!

What is Artella, you ask? I became a member after seeing Judy Coates Perez's sister, Deb Silva (one of the main muses at Artella) at a PAQA meeting earlier this year. Inspiration galore! Here's a link to their brand-new daily newspaper: The Artella Daily Muse

e-zines - daily "link lattes" ~ free creativity seeds ~ clip art ~ blog ~ shoppes ~ poetry ~ on-line groups (my favorite is "creative bartering") ~ games ~ tele-workshops ~ audio presentations ~ art supplies ~ and so much more...

Membership is only 6.00 per month - click on the first link in my sidebar and be prepared to be amazed ~

I have a couple of pictures from their site - but I guess blogger isn't co-operating today. I'll try later.

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