Tuesday, June 20, 2006

On to Luther Village

Here they are - the high school youth group from church all ready to leave for Canada!

A long trip ahead of them today, their destination is Luther Village, a church camp near Kenora, Ontario.

Oh, no - they were not allowed to bring any electronic devices - no ipods, personal stereos, cell phones, etc. The idea is that they have to talk with each other on the trip.

Another rite of passage here...only child going away for a week, far away, without mom and dad...I have to say that I shed a few tears. Then when my husband and I got home, we started laughing...peace and quiet for a week...sorry, no dancing was allowed, because it was way too early for Mr. and Mrs. Nightcreature~


LoieJ said...

If I remember correctly, You'll be driving within a mile of my house. Wave when you drive through Cookie Town.

Elle said...

Mohawk Chris' hair is great!