Sunday, June 18, 2006

Be still my heart...

I directed the men of our congregation today in an anthem called "This Very Morning" ~

" though this singing were the breath of God..."

I've done this once before, and just like the last time, my heart was going pitter-patter. Quite different from the children's choir that I usually direct, there was a power to their voices that was quite moving.

The services today, in celebration of Father's Day, was also a send-off for one family, who in their three years at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, had become family. Paul, wife Abigail, and children Thomas and Maya, are leaving soon to begin a new adventure in Minnesota. Rockford's community is losing a wonderful gift that is this family.

At the end of the service, Jim, our pastor, had all of us surround them and lay our hands on them. Emotions...tears...laughter...celebration ~

We wish you well on your journey Paul, Abigail, Thomas, and Maya...

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