Sunday, April 02, 2006

Fiberart Festival in Rockford yesterday!!!

It was one day - good thing! But...there were a lot less vendors/booths/exhibitors there...we found out that this will be the last year for this festival ~ favorite silk roving person, Connie, wasn't there either (boo-hoo). I am completely out of her gorgeous silver roving, and now I'll have to order some...

This is a photo of my latest easy to do garments! It is a shoulder wrap, 26x80 inches, and is made from my dyed and overdyed rayon. What a glorious fabric to dye for...I have added borders to these with printed rayons, and I was very happy with the way they turned out!!!

I made 3 of these, and they are listed on my other blog of small works that are available for purchase. Check them out~they are beautiful!

Here's the link:

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teri springer said...

Lovely work......