Friday, April 14, 2006

The Scene of the Accident!

I was merrily working on my new quilt (see post below), when I leaned back to grab a piece of fabric, and over I felt as if I was going in slow motion, because I was trying to stop myself (ha-ha, with this body?). Managed to mangle a plastic waste container, and todayI have some interesting colors appearing on my upper arm, and feeling a bit sore...but I'm good to go!!!

See what allowing a pile of fabrics on your studio floor can do for you??? I'm walking and talking proof that being a bit messy (okay, a lot messy) from time to time can be good for your health. Since the floor underneath the carpet is cement, I could have caused some real damage to my bones, and other assorted body parts. I picked myself up, and went right back to my quilt...


kathy said...

I'm laughing at your expense...too funny!! And it could happen to me since my room looks very similar when I'm in the middle of a creative moment!!!

teri springer said...

Yep, sounds the chair a 4 legger?? It's harder to tip a 5 but, it can be done. Glad you had a semi-soft landing.

Oh, around the 2nd week of May I will be posting "Museum Chicks 5" after I get her back from being matted and framed.....will let you know.