Friday, December 02, 2005

The Creative Soul and Journaling

Five incredible women! In the photos below, you'll see some of their work from today's class.
A little new age music, a little meditation, and thoughts on peacefulness, anger, femininity, illness, energy, depression, joy, and personal traits helped all of these already creative women begin their art journals. They stamped, did frottage, image transfers, glued, painted tyvek, and didn't seem to mind that teacher gave them Astrobright cardstock pages (it's getting a little gloomy here in Illinois, you know) to work with.
I am very proud of them...
I honor Karen~Susan~Joy~Linda~Mary Lou~
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Debra said...

oooo... cool women.

A litle new age music would get me really into meditating on anger and energy. Don't know what there is about most of it, but it makes me want to punch a wall!!

Just give me some old fashioned rock and roll....The kind of music that soothes my soul....

Gerrie said...

Those were lovely images, but why do you do a separate post for each one. Makes it very cumbersome when you are viewing via rss feed.