Monday, December 19, 2005

Can you believe I won some chocolate for this quilt?...and below, a picture pun! ~ It's 2:15 in the morning!!!

Way back in '02, the ladies of PAQA in Chicago, set up a challenge! To go outside of your comfort zone, and create something that was a challenge to you. For me back then, it was many quilting, painting fabrics, working with sheers, and putting it altogether to represent "A Master's Work in Fiber - Starry Night"...

The size is the same as Vincent's interpretation of that night from his past. He painted it when he was living in the asylum. Depression and anguish, they said. The year was 1889.
Many things I have learned this year, after celebrating my 50th birthday back in January. Even though all my creative sides have come full circle and everyone tells me how much I've grown as an artist, sometimes you just have to "get it" yourself. I am a firm believer in these facts: that depression and illness can be both a hindrence AND a help in your ability/drive/passion to create - for me it was a brain aneurysm 4 1/2 years ago; joy and energy can hinder/help; and what about anger?
These emotions and life experiences are from an exercise in the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"...of which I am using in my journaling class. Very powerful.

Getting back to the quilt, I actually got some votes on this - enough so I could pick out a prize...I went right for those Chocolate Rum Balls. But, alas, they were gone before I got home, so I couldn't share with my husband and son. Bad Julaine.....

And now, on a lighter note, check the pun below!

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