Friday, December 09, 2005

"Blue skies...

smilin' at me. Nothing but blue skies do I see."

Okay, so now I have three pairs of socks on, because I took this photo in my Birkies outside with NO socks on. Make sense? - of course not, but I've been told that I am a bit impulsive.

Our neighborhood is full of tree-lined streets. From where I sit at the computer, and where I sit 'n bead or knit, I watch this old maple. One of the branches is particularly interesting, and I watch it every season to see what it's been up to. I know it has to be done, but I think the tree gets royaly p-o'd when the city comes to trim.

I've only done one quilt with a tree image on it, and that appeared in Quilting Arts magazine for fall 2005. Maybe if I were more confident in my drawing skills, I could do more. 2006 resolution maybe?

Here's a bit of info: did you know that the Druids believed that trees held the memories of people who walked by them? Posted by Picasa

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Caitlin said...

Our sky is the same blue - but mine is over a 35C (95F) day, not snow!

That's such a cool thing to know, about the trees holding memories - I like that idea very much. Imagine what some trees stuck in those concrete rings in cities must have seen - imagine what a tree in the middle of nowhere might have seen...