Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chocolate as Inspiration?

Well, maybe it was the chocolate truffle egg that I enjoyed earlier today...

I've found myself looking away from the batiks for my "hands" series.  I was in a strange mood today and not sure why, and now it's too late in the day for introspection.  So, I'll describe what's going on with my 8th piece...

Can I finally say now that I'm in my 50's that I'm into "leatha?" 
The background piece is actually polyester suedecloth with this incredible texture, and was surprisingly pretty easy to hand-stitch through.  A smaller piece of copper home decor fabric on top makes a nice contrast to the dark brown suedecloth, and my "hearts in hand" stamped image on the black lexus vinyl finishes the stacked look that I was going for.  Now that I've photographed it, is it just me, or do we see CHOCOLATE?

Detail shot!

I'll be anxious to hear what Sherrie Loves Color! -  thinks, since she is the ultimate chocolate-holic AND the dear friend that got me addicted to iced mochas...Sherrie, are you listening?

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Sherrie Spangler said...

Did I hear someone say "chocolate"? Why, it's Julaine in Fiberspace! Yes, it does look like chocolate! Why were you eating a chocolate egg on St. Patrick's Day? I had an iced mocha at Starbucks and one of their new peanut butter chocolate mini-cupcakes.