Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Castaway - Not for Fabrics

I thought I had in mind where this new series of 12x12 pieces was taking me.  I was wrong.

From mixed media paper application and color to hand quilted squares of batiks, some commercial, some that I'm creating with thiox and stamps.  I think what happened was when I photographed my "Book of Repose" where I had embroidered the front with variegated perle cottons, the gears shifted, the planets fell in line...and I read about  JACQUARD Castaway Stamp Pad
- sounded perfect - a way to create small intricate designs on hand dyes, kona solids and...paper.  I ordered it and when it arrived, I tore into it and grabbed bits of everything to try it on. IT DOES NOT WORK ON FABRIC, JULAINE.
Who needs to read the instructions, I mean papers are natural fibers, fabrics are natural fibers. The info on the package says that it works on non-glossy papers, so I figured as long as the fabrics were washed well, it would work on them as well.  No luck.
If any of you have tried this and had success with fabric, please let me in on the secret!  Thanks...

So I give you some images of my pieces so far.  The 5 that I'm working on are in different stages of completion.  I'm looking for some interesting hands to photograph to add to the pieces, so I will try at church on Sunday - one of the dear ladies, Millie, is in her 90's and her hands tell a lot of stories...
and...that's what I'm going for - what our hands have they ache they become gnarled with age and arthritis.



Sherrie Spangler said...

Hi Julaine -- I never heard of the Castaway, but I do like your latest work here. Lots of interesting texture! How's the weather back there?

Karoda said...

I have a couple of those languishing in a drawer somewhere because I thought they would work on fabric and at the time I wasn't working with paper of any type. I'm digging your series.