Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Classes, Classes, Classes

Okay thenMy Nuno-Felting on Silk class is now filled for next Wednesday at Unique Yarns Inc.
so we've added another offering in April.  I told Becky, the owner of the yarn shop, that my brain was filling with possible other classes that I would love to teach there!  She has the perfect classroom, and the fact that there is a utility room with a large sink in it right by the classroom is perfect.

The class offerings at the Rockford Art Museum are coming up next month and will run throughout the spring semester...and...I had to send in my proposals for the summer semester last week.  They have this wonderful program for children called "Whiz Kids" that's been around for 25 years now, and they were looking for week-long classes for the summer.  Wasn't too painful to do that since I've been working with the children at Emmanuel for 10 years, and the curricula that we use there is a rotation (multi-intelligences) program.  Last year we hosted two "Five Buck Art Clubs" for when the children were on breaks from schools...

One of the week-long class proposals I came up with was a kids' quilting week that is mostly put together with fabric adhesive (i know, it's a little scary).  I will do the final quilting and sewing of the final piece and then we'll donate the quilt to a childrens' organization. I'm excited about this, since it will force me into that mode of which I have been away from for awhile... 

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