Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alcohol Ink Adventures

I have put the crochet hook down!

All it took was for my Dharma Trading order to come today...actually Jeff had to pick it up for me at the post office - could not believe that Mr. Postman didn't leave it yesterday (maybe he's on vacation).  In the order was my yardage of black silk chiffon for Wednesday's nuno-felting class, small bottle of Pinata Alcohol Inks.

I have most of the Adirondack Inks, but never found a nice mixing blue, so I thought I would try one of the Jacquard Pinata Colors.  This paper started out as a page from last year's boring kitchen calendar - and the process begins!

1 - Citra-solv cleaner spritzed on the page
2 - Alcohol ink and copper metallic mixative (adirondack) dripped onto my special pad (make your own from a small plastic container, cover it with a little piece of hook and loop tape - the hook side - sticky back type, then place a square of cotton batting on it, remove when icky, save it because you never know...and replace as needed)
3 - Swirled the drops onto the page
4 - Sprayed rubbing alcohol onto the page
5 - Held my nose and blew the colors around - this was weird, but the effects
are nice.

Plans are to alter some Nat Geo pages in the same way, seal them, back them with muslin and do some quilting.  I'll let you know how it all works out...

The other fun adventure was to take this vintage gift bag that held a birthday gift and carefully take it apart. Check out that incredible texture and all the gold leafing!  It is very heavy paper and was made in India.  After a little research on the internet, I'm thinking it might be made from banana paper and maybe a little silk.  It smells of my MIL's basement and when it was disassembled, it became a 16x25 inch piece of wonder...

Karen Davis, aka Seamless Skincommented on Facebook that I should scan it to save the design for collage work - what a wonderful idea!


Karoda said...

Happy to know I assisted along the way :) I have the A. alcohol inks and I really don't know what to do with them...I got them when I was deep in to altering books but didn't really apply them to anything.

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

Karen! There's a little learning curve with them...I had to get used to using a product that dries so fast! Must be the alcohol, tee hee!