Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Doors of Rockford

The church where I am a member and work with the children is in an urban neighborhood in Rockford. Since this area was home to many Swedish immigrants back in the late 1800's and early 1900's, there are quite a few Lutheran churches. All of these churches have come together to form a community called the "Midtown Lutheran Parishes."

Zion Lutheran, just down the street from Emmanuel is home to Zion Development, an organization that has been renovating and creating housing for families in the neighborhood for 25 years now. I remember when Jason was in confirmation, he went to help in the early stages of a large renovation project, involving the creation of some loft condos above a store front just east of Emmanuel.

Every year for the past 8 years, Zion Development has sponsored "The Doors of Rockford," a fundraiser that involves an auction of fine art. They choose 25 pieces to be in the auction and each piece is sponsored by a local business or individual, so the artist is guaranteed a nice percentage of the selling price. Every year, I say that I'm going to submit something, and every year, I back away (life, you know). Well, this year I finally did it! I've started by making 31 pieces of fabric paper - fast, lots of color, no thought involved. The theme for this year's auction is "Through These Doors" - my plans are to photograph each of the churches' doors for inspiration and we'll see what comes next...I found an old book with beautiful biblical artwork from the middle ages in it and I may do something with those also.

The process of blogging about this challenge also starts the journey for me...I know you understand.

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