Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Doors of Rockford 3

I'm moving along nicely on my piece for "The Doors of Rockford" submission. It was good to read the other day that there are 42 artists participating, so since they choose 25, that's pretty good odds, if you'd like to think about it that way...

Of course, the deadline is coming up the same week as my husband's total knee replacement surgery, meetings, work and a recognition dinner for the Sunday School teachers. So you know what that means, right? It must be finished before that week even starts on June 13th.

I've painted a 36x45 inch piece of drill cloth (similiar to canvas, but lighter weight) for the backing, and also painted strips of cheesecloth that will end up being between the backing and the fabric paper pieces. Not sure how I will attach the cheesecloth to the backing. I'm hand stitching the cheesecloth strips together with perle cotton, and just may end up tacking them to the drill cloth in the same way. Here's a couple of photos of how the pieces will be laid out on the backing and what the cheesecloth looks like in all it's painted glory. I ended up using different types of acrylics for the paint: golden fluids, a little lumiere, and some craft acrylics...

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