Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday at IQF

Wow! I had never been to festival before on a Sunday. Everyone always said that it was quiet, laid back and you could walk through the vendor aisles without any problems. This had always been a little troublesome for me, as I am very claustrophic.
It's always a sure-fire way to initiate an attack of vertigo for me...

Wanted to share some photos of Bobbie and I at our gig for Open Studios, and some from my workshop...the students were so much fun and overflowing with artful gifts of their own, and I was honored to have Lynn of Fibra Artysta - Mixed Media Fiber Art in my class!

Alas, as you probably know, this was the last year for the festival to be held in the Chicago area. We here in Northern Illinois have been spoiled for 8 years...

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