Friday, February 15, 2008

Too Close to Home

The shootings at Northern Illinois University were too close to home. I am saddened by all the horror that has occurred on campuses, but today it was too much.

While watching our local news this morning, they were running news blurbs on the bottom of the screen with emergency phone numbers. I guess seeing the same area code as ours here in Rockford was a wake up call. Some of the students wounded were airlifted to our hospitals here. Youth from our church attend NIU. My niece graduated from there last year.

It is now scaring me because Jason will be attending a college or university in 2 years. My only child will be leaving home. After the Virginia Tech shootings, our school district hosted emergency preparedness workshops for administrators and teachers. It was his project to go to these workshops and videotape them for the district. Some of the things he heard were too much for him.

Is my age showing now? I don't ever remember having police officers on duty in the schools. There wasn't a need to have security guards at the entrances. What is causing all this?


LoieJ said...

I think we are in quite a dilemma. Police can protect, but their presence also makes a place seem more scary.

What I'd like to know is how much of this bad stuff is MORE nowadays and how much just seems much worse because there is too much media. How much of the violent behavior is a result of the violence on the big and little screen? How much is because the of the wars that are encouraged by governments and the supporters of those governments?

Hard questions.

Some of it must be copy-cat behavior. But there must always have been people who have lost their minds. Of course guns make things worse.

Teresa said...

It is hard to accept that going to college is a hazardous endeavor. My son's fiance works at a college and I am fearful for her. Our lives are changed forever, because of some creep.

Anonymous said...

My hair stood on end while reading this; you're right, it's chilling. I'm glad I don't have children. I often wonder why people are so unhappy that they have to go round hurting others. Is it the pace of modern life? Perhaps this is the price of modern life.
On a happier note, I stopped by to say thanks so much for adding my blog link to yours. I was delighted; thanks for making my day!
Hope things soon get better there.

Nana B said...

I am with you and the questions on "why", I have grandchildren in college and hope they stay safe. But i am here on what I hope is a happier note. I love your blog, and the links you have here. I am new to blogging but have been "tagged" by a friend. So now I am tagging you, this is where you need to list 7 different things about yourself. But first you need to come to my blog and get the rules, then I hope you will finish and do your part. Thanks for the fun, see you soon. Mary of NanaB

Karoda said...

Julaine, you're so right about how chilling it can be and I don't have any resolve except to say that my faith gets me through. My cousin's son attends NIU. I keep hoping that young people find something they can truly identify with and mark their generation with a positive force and movement for change instead of such hopelessness and senseless acts of violence.


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize we were neighbors. I live in the Loop. Its hard to under stand why the schools are under siege. I guess crime is everywhere now. There are no more safe places.