Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Reason to Get Up Earlier on Saturday Mornings

I found the listing! I guess the Chicago PBS station won't be airing it, but I did find it listed for the Madison station: Quilting Arts TV on Wisconsin Public Television

It airs this coming Saturday at 9:30 am. - I now have a reason to get up a bit earlier that day.

Hope you can find it on your local station -


Karoda said...

It will not start here until sometime in Feb. And I think its scheduled for a weekday in the afternoon. QATV and a mug of something to take the chill off seems a great way to spend a Saturday morning though.

Jenski said...

Julaine! Not only are you the only person to comment on Dynamic Spirit, but you're also a fiber artist!! I can't tell you what a neat thing I find it, but I'm sorry I only JUST saw your comment from August. Did you get the most recent issue of Dynamic Spirit? If not please email me -- I'd like to find out more about your church's arts activities. Best wishes for the new year -- I need to find that new TV program myself, I was just reading about it on the Quilting Arts website.

Pam said...

lucky you - not on the stations here in DAllas!!

Karoda said...

Solely by accident did I catch the first episode today at 12:30. A few weeks ago when I called I was told in Feb. I enjoyed it!