Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Here we see Jason, the child with brave feet, willing to pose for a photo after the three of us danced around the Birch tree in our front yard to celebrate the birth of the new year...

We were barefoot - we laughed - we screamed in pain - then the numbness set in and Julaine almost peed her pants...

Had to have some proof of this family's new, new years' ritual and the little boy was the only one brave enough to go out there again! If you happen to click on the photo for a another look, you'll see that he appears to be wearing some strange eyeglasses from the 70's, but alas, it's really only Mom's attempt to remove the dreaded red eye.

It's a good thing (M.S. once said) that it wasn't a full moon, or we would have had to howl too, and do it naked. Oh well, there's always hope for 2009.

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