Monday, December 10, 2007

Notebook no.2 and update

This is no.2 in the series of notebook covers that I have been working on, using the embellisher machine. Starting with a pink printed cotton, I layered strips of hand-dyed velveteen, small pieces of floss, eyelash yarn, bits of silk roving, thread and fabric. To hold all of this together, I laid down some black sparkle tulle on top and placed a few pins on it before putting it under the needles. I added some embroidery stitches, beads and charms for added texture and interest, then fused a pink iridescent silk to the back. I'm pleased...

Update: My appointment this past Friday with the good Icelandic cardiologist proved to be a good thing - I finally feel as though someone has a grasp of what's going on AND what needs to be done to get me feeling better. He took control, listened and responded...we'll schedule a transesophogeal echo to get a more precise picture of what my heart is doing, then a special CT scan of my chest and abdomen (looking for clots) and a carotid ultrasound to rule out blockages there. I'm nervous about the echo because it involves passing a tube down my esophogus and in the past, anything that might interfere with breathing freaks me out. But, I did hear that magic word - sedation...


Deb Silva said...

these are gorgeous!!! I'll be borrowing this idea for sure-

teri springer said...

Well, have you had the TEE yet?? Not to worry- versed does wonders for your attitude!!

Hope all is well.


GiselaT said...

Hey Julaine!
I spotted you on the machine felting group and I love the notebook covers. I hope your new doctor gets you on the mend soon!
Gisela (from SOST)