Friday, December 28, 2007

Fleece Booties

for me...

I couldn't believe the amount of fleece that I cut for guests at the Jo-Ann's that I work at...tie blankets, ad nauseum...I think I was the only person in Rockford not making them for Christmas gifts! Nevertheless, I was drawn to a few remnants of the fuzzy-poly stuff...

I had received a pair of booties last year, so I decided to take one apart and make a pattern. Had to put my own spin on it, of course - floral for the sock and polka dots for the rosettes added for that all important embellishment ~

An early birthday gift for myself, or I needed something new for the tootsies.'s just that I needed a diversion from the "hurry up and wait" syndrome that has been my life- I haven't heard the results from my CT scan. I've had a couple more episodes that could be related to more TIAs and I refuse to go to the ER again. The cardiologist's nurse told me, "next time get to the hospital asap." But unless you're gushing blood (well, I'm sure you can fill in the blanks).

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