Monday, September 10, 2007

Solo Exhibit/Greenwich

Here's one section of the Greenwich poster. My "Lightsource" piece is in the center...

It's happening this weekend! Guess what I've been doing?

My small format pieces are now mounted on canvas, and are looking good...
And all the rayon and silk fabrics for my ruana garments are dyed/discharged/overdyed/painted and ready for sewing.

And...announcing my solo exhibit at:

A Movable Feast

this will be part of our local art council's fall artscene - here's the link:

Rockford Area Arts Council - Arts for Everyone

I'm also curating an exhibit at our church for the same event...

Looks like an incredible artful weekend here in Rockford - remember we're only 80 miles NW of Chicago!


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Great new! If I do not go to Madison on Saturday I may come and see you. If not I will try to make it in October

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...
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